How To Lighten Your Butt And Bikini Area

Intimate Area Lightening With Epibright Cream

Many men and women want to lighten their intimate areas. These areas are usually darker than the other body areas because these have enzymes that over produces melanin. Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for tanning and other types of skin darkening. So the Epibright cream is used to lighten such sensitive parts of the body.

Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream

Epibright is an intimate area skin lightening cream which doesn’t have any harsh chemicals like hydroquonine which can reduce the darkness in skin but it is a toxic chemical that we cannot use on such sensitive areas.

It doesn’t have any strong smells and it’s totally natural and safe with natural ingredients like extracts of bearberry and mulberry with kojic dipalmitate. It will not cause any irritation to the skin.

Composition And Working

Epibright has Alpha Arbutin which is a natural extract of bearberry tree that is very effective for skin lightening and the other major ingredient is kojic acid, which is obtained from the Japanese rice wine that limits the production of melanin in skin.

It is a great alternative for hydroquonine because it doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. It’s gentle on the intimate areas. Other than these two, Epibright also has melissa epicinalis balm and licorice extracts that soothes and moisturizes the sensitive area.

The results provided by this cream are very good and they are long lasting. Also the kojic dipalmitate is used to keep the product on the area for longer periods, meaning that the product will remain on the applied area for enough time so that it would get absorbed by the skin properly.

The application is pretty simple. You just have to apply the skin twice daily to your intimate area and it will cause no burning or itching sensation. It is totally natural and safe. The positive customer reviews clearly show how great this product is and the company also gives a money back guarantee. The best thing is it doesn’t have hydroquonine in it.

Hydroquonine is used in many skin lightening products because it is cheap but it certainly is dangerous. Many countries have banned its use because it can cause liver damage and sometime even cancer. And definitely such a dangerous chemical must not be used on intimate areas.

Darkening of anus, vagina or penis is normal in human body but it still doesn’t look any good and the effectiveness of this cream is totally incredible that makes your body look good back again and it also boosts your confidence.

The Best Non Hydroquinone Skin Lightener

Does Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Work  For Dark Spots?

Dark, ugly patches, uneven colouration, and acne on the face is one of the principal causes of low self-esteem and confidence among many young people. , makeup can help cover some of this blemish but the end of the day the problem is not eliminated. In some cases, makeup will even worsen the condition of your skin.

Clearing the skin problems that you are facing natural is only the best way that will leave your skin fresh and smooth boosting your confidence levels at the same time. Meladerm is one of the most efficient non Non Hydroquinone Skin Lightenerhydroquinone skin lighteners, which helps to reduce skin unevenness and also take care of acne that may be developing leaving you with a skinbright.

What You Need To Know About Meladerm

It is a skin lightening product as earlier mentioned that reduces even the smallest sign of skin discoloration, dark spots and any scars on the skin. It is efficient, and you will see the results after consistent use of the product. You can almost see changes two weeks after commencing application on the affected parts of your skin.

The product is quite different from the most products that you will find on shelves of beauty shops in that it is natural and free from skin irritants such as steroids, parabens, and hydroquinone.

The lack of artificial additions makes it a safer option as it reduces the chances of causing other complications on the skin. The product can be used on any skin type ranging from the most sensitive one to skins which are more tolerant to beauty products.

How It Works

The skin product works at its best by making your skin complexion brighter than before through minimizing any sunburns and dark pigmentation that may be bothering you. The process is more of gradual than spontaneous thus regular use of the product is needed.

Ingredients That Make Up Meladerm

The product is purely natural and uses the best ingredients which offer a ninety-eight percent efficiency. The ingredients include gigawhite which is a plant extract that is purely natural and acts in place of hydroquinone.

Kojic acid is helpful when it comes to anti aging by reducing signs of age spots and uneven skin pigmentation. Another quite desirable component is the alpha arbutin which is ten times more efficient than the commonly use used arbutin. Other natural ingredients used are mullberry and bearberry extract.


The ingredients are approved by health firm and thus safe for use with an expectation of seeing a difference in a span of less than three weeks at most.