The Best Treatment For Getting Rid Of Freckles

What are freckles

Any part of the body that is exposed to sunlight can develop freckles, however, freckles mostly show up on the face. They appear as tan/light brown spots. Freckles are not symptoms of any health problem; they are simply skin cells with melanin overproduction. Melanin is a skin pigment that protects the skin from ultraviolet light.

Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light is one cause of freckles development. Freckles can also be genetically inherited. People who are lighter in their complexion are more susceptible to freckles. Since most people prefer remaining fair in their complexion, they usually do all that they can to regain their outer beauty whenever they develop freckles.Getting Rid Of Freckles

So, what are the treatments for freckles?

Laser treatment

Lasers are usually used to lighten and reduce freckles. There is a very low risk of scarring and skin discoloration with laser treatment making it safe and highly effective.


This method takes several months of consistent use to finally eradicate freckles. Other creams may be used to complement retinoids.


In this treatment, physician uses a light freeze of liquid nitrogen to eradicate freckles.


The technique removes the outer layer of the skin using a stream of tiny particles. Several sessions are enough to remove both natural freckles and sun-induced ones.

Bleaching/Fading creams

These are hydroquinone containing products that can be bought at drug stores and beauty stores with or without a prescription. They also contain kojic acid. They need several months on consistent application to eradicate natural as well as sun-induced freckles. Sun protection/avoidance is complementary to this treatment.

Epibright Skin Brightening cream

This is a skin lightening cream that moisturizes as it brightens the skin. Most of the other skin lightening creams lack the moisturizing element in them hence they leave the user dry and vulnerable. Epibright contains soothing herbal extracts and brightening agents. It contains kojic dipalmitate and organic brightening agents that keep the skin fresh while maintaining brightness. Dark spots are eliminated with extracts like bearberry and mulberry working in conjunction with the kojic dipalmitate.

Natural Methods

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works best on natural freckles; those not cause by sunlight. It is a natural bleaching agent that will help you regain your beauty.

Dairy mask

This is another natural method that works well with natural freckles which are not sun induced. The mask is applied on the face and the lactic acid in the milk allowed to peel off the top layer of the skin.

Fruit peel

This method aims to peel off the top layer of one’s skin. Fruits are mixed together and left to dry on one’s skin.


Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite


For a very long time, cellulite has been a source of embarrassment to most individuals. This is because few individuals understand what causes it. In that case, they may take wrong measures in an effort to remove it. Before resorting to any cellulite removal strategy, there are some concepts that about cellulite that should be understood. These concepts include:

Cellulite results from fat

Basically, cellulite results from fat cells that are located in the skin’s connective tissue. The fat cells accumulates and pushes against the skin tissues thus causing ripples on the affected part.

Cellulite can affect various parts of the body

Even though cellulite is prevalent on specific parts of the body, it should be understood that it can affect any part of the body. In most cases, cellulite affects soft parts of the body such as the thighs and the butt. Get Rid Of CelluliteOthers may even develop it on their arms.

Cellulite can affect anybody

Contrary to the popular believe that it affects ladies, cellulite can affect anybody regardless of body size. Normally, most people believe that cellulite affects fat people. Surprisingly, individuals with normal body size can have it. A young skinny person can develop it. However, research studies reveals that men are less likely to get cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

A lot of theories and myths have been raised on how cellulite develops. Various individuals have different opinions on how it occurs. Nobody can claim that he/she knows the exact cause of cellulite. Some health experts argue that it results from presence of toxins. Others claim that it occurrence is hormonal. Others even assert that it is a gender issue owing to the fact that it normally affects women. Regardless of what causes cellulite, the good news is that there are effective ways of removing it. Its mode of removal is not scientific. It is practical and it has been proven.

Methods of removing/reducing cellulite

Cellulite should not bother anyone anymore. This is because there are several options that can be used to reduce or completely remove it. Even though the efficiency of these options will vary from one person to another, it should be remembered that they are cheap, safe and reliable. The following options can be used to get rid of cellulite:

Liposuction – Under this method of cellulite removal, fat is eliminated from the affected part of the body. The fat cells are eliminated. Since it focuses on complete removal of fat cells, this method is reliable as no further cases of cellulite will be witnessed. It is important to consult a doctor before using this option. Liposuction may not work well for some individuals. It is also known to have certain side effects.

Diet and exercise – Eating well and carrying out wellness exercises is also vital in the elimination of cellulite. A combination of good diet and exercise is helpful in eliminating various health complications. Exercises help in getting rid of unhealthy fat from the body. Consumption of fruits and vegetables such as berries, spinach and carrots is also good. They are great antioxidants that improve the conditions of the skin as well as blood circulation.

Use of moisturizers and cellulite creams – In the market, there are plenty of creams and moisturizers that can be used on cellulite. These products work by nourishing the skin thus fading away the cellulite. There are many ways to get rid of cellulite